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    33Shake joins Luke Tyburski for Ultimate Triathlon

    Bong! Here is the news

    33Shake sponsors Australian lunatic in bonkers solo triathlon

    Ladies and gentlemen of the sporting community we are stoked to announce that we are sponsoring endurance adventurer Luke Tyburski in his incredible Ultimate Triathlon which will see him swim, bike and run 2,000km in 12 days of self-inflicted endurance mayhem.

    First he's going to SWIM the Strait of Gibraltar from MOROCCO to SPAIN

    Next he's going to BIKE the length of SPAIN and into FRANCE

    Where he's going to RUN to MONTE CARLO

    Luke is clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but he has his head well and truly screwed on when it comes to several key issues when tackling something as massive as this:

    1 Mental toughness: a former pro footballer (don't hold it against him) he decided to try running when injury forced early retirement and so ran the Martahon des Sables. He then decided to try triathlon, leaping into his first race which was a double Ironman. Despite his fluffy, friendly exterior, inside there beats the heart of a (deranged) lion. Like the Terminator, he won't stop

    2 Nutritional know-how: Luke knows max performance needs max nutrition and also more than understands that achieving this doesn't mean snarfing a load of processed junk powders, bars and sugars. In his quest for powerful wholefood performance he will be fuelling 100% naturally before, during and after the event. This is where 33Shake comes in, delivering additional daily nutritional hammer blows so he can smash each day and nail the recovery too.

    3 Dedication: simple this one, Luke is a pure self-starter. He's devised this event himself, he's putting it all together himself and he's going to make it all happen himself. We're super proud to be helping him in such an honourable quest, and if you'd like to as well, drop him a line through his site here:

    Last but not least, here's a little video we shot with the man himself when we hooked up for training in Richmond Park



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