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    We are over the moon to announce that Four-time World Ironman champion, living legend and one of the greatest triathletes of all time, Chrissie Wellington has joined 33Shake

    In her own words:

    "I started using these products and wanted to team up with a company that thought the same way as me - our philosophies matched. I was sick and tired of reading a list of ingredients I didn't understand, in sports nutrition and in my daily life. 

    "I read a lot more about the research that had been undertaken to justify the sports nutrition people were using and I found it to be somewhat hollow. I also became increasingly concerned about the number of people who have had to go to the toilet in the bushes [during races], how many people have had cramps, how many have vomited. That's not natural, it's not normal and it's not part of sport"

    We couldn't agree more, welcome on board Chrissie.

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