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    Endurance Sports Nutrition

    Runners, cyclists, triathletes and swimmers, 33Shake has you covered with the world's finest, tastiest and most powerful endurance sports nutrition products

    Pre and Post Workout Shakes: 

    Each made with 33 of the most potent endurance-boosting superfoods from around the globe, you have never had fuel like this before your session or recovery like it afterwards. Use these single serve packets of perfection to unleash a whole new level of strength, speed and endurance

    Chia Energy Gels

    Use like any other energy gel during workouts, sessions and races for sustained, strong and stable energy with no sugar spikes, energy crashes or stomach trouble. Guaranteed to taste and perform as great at the start of your race as they do at the end - no matter how long you're going - these are Grade A Gamechangers for endurance athletes everywhere

    Bundle deals

    Need Shakes and Gels? Our bundle deals offer the greatest savings you'll find on our products anywhere

    • 33Shake Pre and Post Workout Shake

      Do your body justice with 33Shake's powerful Pre and Post Workout Shakes   Packed with the world's 33 most potent superfoods for endurance performance, all dedicated to boosting power, energy and recovery, our...

    • 33Shake Chia Energy Gel

      Do your body justice on the move with our all-natural Chia Energy Gel Packing a mighty punch from whole, unprocessed chia seeds for clean-burning, sustained energy this gel is like nothing you've ever tried before. Welcome...

    • 33Shake Race Weekend Bundle

      33Shake's biggest, baddest bundle and the single best value way there is to buy our products, this is Ultimate Performance and it will rock your world What you get 30 of our classic, gamechanging Pre and Post Workout...

    • 33Shake Race Weekend Bundle

      Our Race Weekend bundle is perfect for anyone new to 33Shake who wants to discover what we can deliver, and also for seasoned pros who love our products and simply want the ideal package for a hard weekend of PB smashing in...

    • Marathon Special Bundle

      Marathon runners, meet your perfect nutrition package containing everything you need for peak performance in our best selling Marathon Special bundle What you get 10 of our incredible Pre and Post Workout Shakes,...

    • 33Shake Pure Endurance Bundle

      For the endurance athlete who's serious about raising their game and knows their nutrition needs to raise its game to match, we've created this, 33Shake's Pure Endurance Bundle. Packing an awesome nutritional punch, this...