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    33Shake Chia Energy Gel


    Product Description

    Do your body justice on the move with our all-natural Chia Energy Gel

    Packing a mighty punch from whole, unprocessed chia seeds for clean-burning, sustained energy this gel is like nothing you've ever tried before. Welcome to a brand new way of fuelling your endurance. 

    Inside every 33Shake Chia Energy Gel you will find

    - Our naturally powerful Extreme Endurance™ blend of carbs, proteins, Omega-3s and antioxidants

    - 90 calories per serving

    - Natural anti-inflammatories

    - A great fresh taste. Pure wholefood ingredients mean your first Chia Energy Gel tastes as good as your last, no matter how long you're going

    - All natural and low-GI sugars for genuinely sustainable performance without the energy-sapping spikes of traditional gel

    - A natural electrolyte blend including Himalayan Pink salt

    - A complete endurance fuel source

    You will not find

    - Anything artificial

    - Any junk whatsoever

    Useful info

    All 33Shake Chia Energy Gels are supplied in dry form.

    To prepare simply pop the resealable spout, blow into the pouch to expand, then add water, coconut water or fruit juice, mix well, and leave for ten minutes as the chia absorbs the liquid and releases its natural properties. Your gel is now ready and will keep for 24 hours.

    When every second counts prepare your Chia Energy Gels in advance so they're ready as soon as you are on the go. When weight-saving's key, carry them dry so you can pack more power for less weight. Then simply prepare as needed along the way.

    Buy more, save more

    33Shake Chia Energy Gels are £2.29 each, dropping to just £1.99 each for a 10-gel Race Pack and £1.89 per gel when you buy a 30-gel Endurance Pack. 

    Real food, eat soon

    These are fresh, handmade, natural products with no preservatives - they are real food. This means shelf life is shorter than other sports nutrition products containing a high volume of artificial junk. All gels are freshly handmade to maximise shelf life.

    ©33Shake® 2018

    Fuelling limitless performance since 2012

    Product Reviews

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    1. More in control of energy reserves

      Posted by Kevin on 14th Aug 2017

      I used the chia gels for the first time yesterday for my weekly long run and felt much more in control of my energy reserves. Gave me a much more stable base to work with compared to the ups and downs of the sugar gels.

    2. Keep going for longer

      Posted by Unknown on 25th Jun 2017

      Great product, easy to mix, taste great and keep me going for longer rides more easily. Definitely recommend!

    3. Natural power

      Posted by Jonny on 1st Jun 2017

      Great alternative to sickly gels

    4. A great product

      Posted by Augusto on 25th May 2017

      Recently started using the gel: what a great discovery!
      Gentle on the stomach and with a real, natural taste. This product is solving my long-distance fuelling issues encountered with other products.

    5. Brilliant product

      Posted by thefitveggie on 28th Mar 2017

      I tried these after feeling ill using standard energy gels - on my first endurance bike ride I tried two - great on the stomach and did seem to kick in about 10/15 mins later. Also very 'clean', the packaging doesn't leak and leave a sticky mess! I think trial and error is needed for the amount to take - I started taking one an hour but I think 50 mins is my optimum. Very helpful advice from Doug at 33Shake, excellent customer service and order arrived within a couple of days.

    Previous | Showing reviews 6-10 of 109 | Next