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    Performance v Health in Sports Nutrition

    Posted by Team 33Shake on

    Performance v Health in Sports Nutrition - the trade off you don't need to make

    For years it's been accepted that elite athletes ultimately aren't healthy due to the stress they place on their bodies maxing out peak performance year after year. They're fast, but that speed ultimately comes at a price. 

    It's similarly been accepted that sports nutrition is best made using processed sugars, sweeteners and industrial dairy derivatives (whey) which, although unhealthy for everyone else's diet, are the best possible choice for hard-charging athletes. 

    At 33Shake, we're not drinking the Kool-Aid. 

    Swole bros hitting the iron might love nothing more than necking sugared milk powder with a side of hormones, antibiotics and more. Us? We'll pass.

    Tri hardcases may well delight in gritting down enough gel to fill a sweet shop, all the while 'training' their stomach to handle the GMO punishment and spiking their blood sugar into the stratosphere. Us? Erm, no thanks. 

    Because these two nuggets of accepted sporting wisdom are, if you'll pardon our French, b*llocks.

    Accepting that elite athletes are unhealthy means accepting a ceiling on their performance. We don't buy that. 

    Instead our ethos has always been about unlocking that barrier. Because ultimate performance and ultimate health are the same thing. 

    You can't have one without the other. Bringing these two together is the biggest marginal gain available in sport today.

    Health v performance in sports nutrition

    Take massive performance, add massive health, brace for massive performance

    Similarly, accepting that athletes should be fueling on the same sugars, sweeteners and other ingredients all clearly linked to today's booming diabetes, cardiovascular disease and dementia stats is misguided at best, immoral at worst. 

    After all, unhealthy ingredients aren't magically made healthy just because they're called sports nutrition.

    We've been bringing serious health to serious performance since day one with massive results. It's taken us from very humble beginnings in our own kitchen four years ago, to being on sale in 26 countries worldwide and counting today. And this is just the beginning.

    Huge thanks to everyone who's been a part of the journey so far - you're pioneers of a new level of performance.

    Want to max out your performance with max health as well? 

    Our bestselling Race Weekend Bundle is the perfect place to start

    ©33Shake, Fueling limitless performance since 2012

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