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    Marathon des Sables training tips & elite endurance lessons

    Posted by James Eacott on

    In this video 33 co-founder Warren shares training tips for the iconic Marathon des Sables plus a toolkit of endurance lessons from the world's best for any athlete looking to push their limits

    Filmed at the MDS Expo at London's Savoy Place the first part of this talk draws on personal experience from his own Marathon des Sables finish and insights from world class performers he has worked with including:

    • Sebastien Chaigneau: legendary French ultramarathon runner
    • Chris Hoy: track cycling beast and multiple Olympic gold medallist
    • David Blakeley: former Pathfinder special forces ace

    This video delivers a powerful insight into how these elites unlock their incredible performances - lessons the rest of us can build into our own endurance toolkits to get the best from ourselves, whether in the MDS or another endurance endeavour, or even simply in daily life and business.

    In the second part Warren then unpicks 'The 3 biggest things no one tells you about the Marathon des Sables'. 

    If you're running this crazy race - or are simply curious - this is a must-watch, giving you an instant heads up on what really lies ahead for runners across their week in the Sahara.

    As a parting bonus, there's also the one simple nutrition trick anyone can use to boost their endurance performance. 

    And all in one 25 minute video. Enjoy!

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