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    Chrissie Wellington in Ironman Hall of Fame!

    Posted by Team 33Shake on

    Chrissie Wellington Ironman Hall of Fame: Brit legend joins Ironman greats

    Holy smokes, we are stoked to announce four-time Ironman World Champ, living legend and 33Shake athlete Chrissie Wellington will be inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame at the world championships in Kona this year.

    Never defeated over the Ironman distance, and usually beating most pro men while winning the women's race, Chrissie left a massive mark on the sport she dominated over five years.

    And she's hardly slowed down since 'retirement', getting married to fellow Ironman pro Tom Lowe, giving birth to a beautiful daughter, and at the same time heading up Parkrun's global health and wellbeing programme, writing an awesome new book (To the Finish Line, a World Champion's guide to your perfect triathlon race), casually romping a 2.49 marathon in London this year, as well as winning her first ultramarathon outright.

    Amidst all this, we are hugely honored that she has also made the time to join 33Shake on our mission to make faster, healthier and happier athletes wordwide. 

    To Chrissie Wellington, Ironman Hall of Famer and all-round wonderwoman, rock on!

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