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    Race Weekend Bundle

    • Natural Ingredients
    • Powerful Results
    • No Stomach Trouble

    Our Race Weekend bundle is perfect for anyone new to 33Shake who wants to discover what we can deliver, and also for seasoned pros who love our products and simply want the ideal package for a hard weekend of PB smashing in any sport. 

    What you get

    Three of our incredible Pre and Post Workout Shakes (supplied as a selection pack of all three flavours, Original, Mocha & Cacao) means every core nutritional need is dialed in for a weekend. Use one for breakfast on race day, another for recovery after the event itself and the third as breakfast to smooth the comedown the following morning. No other supplements needed, perfect nutrition really can be as simple as this! 

    Five of our groundbreaking Chia Energy Gels means optimum in race fuelling is looked after ideally providing you with the strong, stable energy platform you need to perform and keep performing. If you have any spare, save them for training or, thanks to their uniquely nutrient-dense profile, use them as healthy snacking throughout the weekend. 

    Pre and Post Workout Shake Ingredients
    All three flavours of our All In One shakes contain mostly the same ingredients for the maximum nutritional benefit, they differ slightly in that the original flavour contains Organic Bee Pollen, The Cacao flavour contains Organic Cacao and Organic Carob, and the Mocha flavour contains Organic Cacao and Organic Coffee.

    Organic flax seeds • Organic hemp seeds • Organic oats (gluten-free) • Organic coconut • Non-GMO lecithin • Organic Chia Seeds • Goji berries • Organic walnuts • Birch tree sugar (Xylitol) • Coconut palm sugar • Organic sesame seeds • Organic cranberries • Organic maca • Celyon cinnamon • Organic pumpkin seeds • Incan berries • Organic blueberries • Cordyceps • Nutritional yeast • Organic spirulina • Pomegranate • Aluminium-free baking soda • Turmeric • Organic Acai • Reishi mushroom • Organic barley grass • Green coffee • Organic Ginseng • Organic chlorella • Beetroot • Organic vanilla • Xantham gum • Himalayan pink salt

    Nutritional Information

    Typical values per: 100g 55g portion 55g portion with 200ml milk + 1 banana
    Energy 2064KJ/ 493Kcal 1134KJ/ 271Kcal 2089KJ/ 499Kcal
    Protein 11g 6g 14g
    Carbohydrate 38g 21g 53g
    Of which sugars 14g 8g 30g
    Fat 27g 15g 22g
    Of which saturates 9g 5g 9g
    Fibre 13g 7g 7g
    Sodium Trace Trace Trace


    Chia Energy Gel Ingredients

    Nutritional Information

    Typical values per: 100g per Gel (21g)
    Energy 1882KJ/450Kcal 376KJ/ 90Kcal
    Protein 11g 2.2g
    Carbohydrate 56g 11.2g
    Of which sugars 30gg 6g
    Fat 20g 4g
    Of which saturates 2g 0.4g
    Fibre 25g 5g
    Sodium 515mg 17.6mg
    Potassium 515mg 103mg
    Calcium 5.5mg 1.1mg

    Product Reviews

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    1. Love the gel - unsure on shake

      Posted by Dan on 16th Jun 2018

      The gel is very palatable and on a 5+ hour lakes trail run felt had good amounts of energy using this and felt need to eat a lot less. Gonna use this gel in future training and races for sure.
      Had a shake that morning which I think is good but not as palatable for me. Perhaps not a good enough blender. Shame isn't ready to go with just mixing with fluid rather than needing to blend.

    2. Chia Tastic!

      Posted by James Lord on 2nd Aug 2017

      Used the shakes and Chia for Ironman France - easy to consume, and very tasty!

    3. MdS April 2017

      Posted by Mark Spandler on 23rd Jul 2017

      Shakes used in my overnight oats and for post stage recovery - fab! Gels fueled me during each stage. 33 Shake was a key element to my fuelling plan.

    4. Got me through 125 mile sportive

      Posted by Unknown on 14th Jul 2017

      Great product, used the shake before and after 125 mile cycle sportive and the gels during. Felt great throughout. Remember still to take on plenty of water on hotter days.

    5. Shere 42k

      Posted by Nigel Doyle on 14th Jul 2017

      Like others I had tried the chia 'gel' before but this was my first race pack. I decided to try it out on the Shere 42k - a brutal race with difficult terrain and climbing. I had the mocha shake (with milk) on the drive down. It tasted nice and was easy to take in. It set me up so well that I only had two chia gels in the following 6+ hours of running, walking and limping. I was really not hungry after the race and couldn't take in much food. I brought another shake with me (the original flavour, I think?) which tasted okay but had been in my hot car for a long time so probably not fair to judge it on that. If the shake gave me that much nutrition and performance then it is a brilliant product and I will get more. One thing I really like about the gels is that they are resealable. You don't have to consume it all in one go. Also, I didn't throw up on the day; a nice change from other long distance events I have done. I'm sticking with 33Shake from now on...

    Showing reviews 1-5 of 13 | Next

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