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    Because your body deserves better

    As endurance athletes, we were sick of the junk being sold to us for nutrition. The promises were empty, the results poor, everything tasted foul, and it was all made with the cheapest, nastiest ingredients.

    We went on a quest for healthy, high-performing, natural ingredients that delivered sustained peformance and health. We dedicated ourselves to creating natural products that would geniunely do justice to the hard work endurance athletes put in.

    And when we say 'natural' ingredients, we mean it. Every ingredient we use in every product we make is just that - 100% natural. No additives, no preservatives, and nothing manmade: This is real food.

    And it's real food where every ingredient is packed with nutrients dedicated to making you perform better or recover faster – everything we use is there because it delivers, not because it saves us money. We would rather make the best products we can and make a living, than flog the same junk as everyone else and make a killing.

    As a parting shot, here's a fun bit of maths:

    The average energy gel contains less than 1p's worth of ingredients yet retails for as much as £2.30. If we applied that insane markup to our products at 33Shake, our Chia Energy Gels would cost almost £70 each, and our Shakes would be over £300 each. Instead our gels start at just £1.89 while the Shakes start at just £5.99. All come with free UK delivery and a 100% money-back guarantee.

    We're serious about changing sports nutrition for the better. 

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     Fuelling limitless performance since 2012